Fiction 101: The Basics – An online course

This course is an exciting way for you to either brush up on your skills, or create a foundation for future projects. As you can complete each of the 12 craft and content sections at your own pace, this course is perfect for people who don’t have the time for a complete workshop or in-person class. If you are looking for one-on-one feedback and specific, goal-oriented advice on how to write fiction, then this is the class for you!

Each section will consist of a lesson, a corresponding reading, and a small writing assignment. You will alternate between focusing on craft and content.
Besides the basics (ie: point of view, character, structure, tense) in the craft sections you will also explore the way in which a writer conveys emotions, physicality and believability within a narrative. In the content sections you will learn to identify “fiction-worthy” moments, find the “heart” of your plot, and figure out how to best convey the story you want to tell.

All 12 sections can be completed at your own pace. Once you have gone over one lesson, read the corresponding reading, and written your assignment, you will send the assignment to me for line-edits and feedback. You can also list specific questions (if you have any) when you return your assignment.
From there you can wait for the feedback (between 12-48 hours) or simply keep going! All correspondence is done via email.

I am offering this course for $400 if you sign up before August 15th.
This class is ongoing and can be purchased and started whenever you are ready.
Please email me at with any questions or to sign up!